The joy of moving home….

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I have read recently that “moving house” no longer makes it into the top list of most stressful life events. I was recently reading about this because we are moving house. Today. For the second time in just twelve months. And, if moving house is not right up there with the death of a spouse or getting divorced, then I do not want to encounter whatever else might be….

But, surely the worst of it must be behind us?! It was very stressful.

The stress of finding an estate agent. You know, the people who charge you a huge percentage of the sale price for the privilege of taking a couple of photos, sticking one of them, briefly, in their shop window, and posting your details on Rightmove.

The people who demonstrate a total lack of social skills and an inability to remember which is your garage and garden, so that you are forced to do the viewings yourselves lest potential buyers leave confused or misinformed.

We changed one incompetent estate agent for one slightly less so mid-process and still begrudge their percentage.

The stress of the viewings. The cleaning. The de-cluttering. The turning on of lights. The filling of the fruit bowl as a feature on the dining room table (which was clearly the clincher!). The lighting of a cosy, welcoming real fire even at the height of summer. The simulation of the smells of roasting coffee beans and fresh-baked bread. Praying that next door’s dog doesn’t bark. The waiting for viewers. The waiting for viewers. Waiting for viewers.

The viewers. Don’t they not read the details or look at the photos before turning up? No it isn’t a detached house. Yes it is very rural. No you cannot build a conservatory on the side of a grade two listed building. Yes, the three bedroom house does seem a bit small for you, your husband, your five teenage kids, three dogs and the donkey. And, worst of all, the divorcee just gong through the motions, horrified at the prospect of downsizing, despite being evicted from the family home by her vindictive ex on Monday…..

The chain. Oh, the chain. I guess we should count ourselves lucky in that we had no onward chain as we were renting. But, our buyers pulled out / fell through twice before we finally got there. Stress. Stress. Stress.

The joy of renting – which will be a tale to follow, once we have (hopefully) secured our security deposit!

The depressing search for a new home which won’t bankrupt us; is within at least twenty minutes of Waitrose; is not going to end up next door to a new estate or a traveller campsite; or, is right next to a busy dual carriageway.


But we found one. It is very exciting. It is very exciting in spite of the subsidence. Despite the survey. Despite the flood plain. Despite the lack of mobile phone signal. No. It is really, really exciting.

And at last it is moving day. Well, it is day one of a two day move. We are literally being put into boxes as I write. We have the keys for our new home and our sellers vacated yesterday. Today the removal guys pack everything apart from a bed, the TV (hopefully), the kettle, and a sofa. And, tomorrow they pack those and deliver them to our new home. Where we will unpack.

I sit here now midst a flurry of removal activity and sugary tea (3 sugars!) as two very nice (hopefully) men pack our lives into a thousand cardboard boxes secured by miles and miles of masking tape.

Fortunately we had decluttered ahead of our move down South a year ago, with most of those things of mine deemed to be superfluous ending up on eBay, at the local charity shop, or in the local dump.

C had embraced the opportunity for a clear out. Of my stuff.

The rediscovery of items unseen for years. Discovery of items that you hadn’t realised you had at all. Wondering what mysterious locks might be unlocked by the myriad keys you’ve held on to …. just in case.

The pile of wires and adapters for electrical equipment long ago sold on eBay. For gadgets long unused. Multi-shaped “USBs” for generations of iPhones. It is far too much trouble to decide what might be useful versus that which is superfluous so they all get chucked back into the “useful” draw until the next move, which will, hopefully, be never, ever, never again.

So, there has not been much of an opportunity for C to declutter me further. Indeed, many boxes still remain unpacked from our move to the rented house. Mostly books, and pictures. And, electric cables and adapters. And keys.

C has gone on ahead to do a clean of the new house and open the windows to air it in the hope that the last vestiges of the previous owners’ little dog with be wafted away so as not to trigger allergies.

The essentials have been secured lest they be inadvertently boxed and put on the back of the van. Passports, a change of clothes for the restaurant this evening, toothbrush, laptop, and a bottle of wine have all been hidden in the boot of my car.

So far, so good. There has been a constant stream of packing cases down the path to the van. And, of sugary tea. No breakages yet. I still have a TV, a sofa, a kettle, and hopefully – I haven’t ventured upstairs in case I get in the way – a bed.

Wish us luck!


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Happy Easter Everyone…. We’re in!

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