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Jeremy Corbyn is a principled man. I get it. He is a democratic socialist. I get it. He is loyal to his supporters. I get it.

But, he’s not too bright is he? Maybe two grade Es at A-Level and dropping out of Poly after falling out with his tutors (he doesn’t like the establishment methinks…) don’t quite hack it as credentials for leading Her Majesty’s Opposition. But maybe, to give him the benefit of the doubt he has more than made up for his academic failings by learning in the “university of life”. Supposedly. Maybe. Maybe not.

Let’s forget all the flimflam about wearing a tie, bowing to the Queen and singing the National Anthem. That just means he’s scruffy, rude and unpatriotic. Not the most endearing of characteristics but not worth hanging the guy for. Maybe.

I can even see why he felt it necessary to schmooze up to the IRA and the Palestinians, but I would question his timing (after the IRAs mainland bombing campaign of the mid-1970s) and the need to do all of that in the glare of the TV cameras and contrary to the wishes of the Labour leadership at the time.

I can see why he might want to unilaterally remove Britain’s nuclear deterrent. Although I disagree with him on that too. I do understand those who would rather wave welcomingly at Putin bare-chested, strident atop of a T-14 tank and throw rose petals into his path as he trundled his way down the Mall rather than invoke the ultimate deterrent of mutually assured nuclear annihilation. But, it would not be a credible threat if, in some parallel universe, Corbyn was to ever be put in charge of the nuclear button.

I can also see why he may have chosen to vote against the wars in Afghanistan and Iran. Indeed, many of us true Labour supporters are angry and feel a little betrayed by some of the justifications touted by Blair at the time. But, declaring yourself a pacifist makes it a tad difficult to stand steadfast against some of the more belligerent threats that our country faces. Not least the rise of extreme left and right-wing nationalist (and racist) groups across Europe spurred on by that disastrous folly which is Brexit. Drinking a Coke while teaching the world to sing has never been a very credible defence strategy……

In fact he’s not much of a team player at all is he? Indeed, he is the second most rebellious Labour MP of all time, voting against the Labour Government of Blair and Brown no less than 428 times and ignoring the Party whip many, many more times when in opposition. Hardly a soldier for the Party – not when it isn’t aligned with his own petty politics.

And, he’s certainly not much of a leader either is he? When not in his comfort zone addressing irrelevant lobby groups such as the Durham Miners Association; Dennis Skinner; or like-minded left-wing socialists such as Unite; or, enjoying a pint in the Wheeltappers and Shunters Social Club with Ken (I’m not an anti-Semite) Livingstone, he is totally incapable of moving beyond protest towards persuasion. 42 resignations from his shadow cabinet speaks volumes….

Let’s be clear, he’s not a Labour supporter. He’s to the left of the Party. He’s some form of “-ist”. Far left. His views, principles and methods are not universally shared by the Parliamentary Labour Party. Indeed, and more importantly, they are not shared by the wider populous whose support is needed if Labour is ever to regain power – the people wobbled in the face of Red Ed Moribund so will surely fall down in the face of Corbyn.

And without power all the grandiose principles and positioning are little more than protest and posturing. Mr Corbyn, if you care about the working man, the impoverished and the disenfranchised then step aside and let someone else lead. Let someone else oppose. Thank you for the kick up the backside but please retreat to the dimly lit corners of politics, wearing your Leninist cap and Che Guevara t-shirt with pride while writing your column in the Morning Star and chewing over the “good old days” with Diane Abbott….

And, talking of the disenfranchised, I am appalled at the decision not to allow a vote in the Labour leadership election to those who joined the Party since January, unless they pay an additional £25. Many of the people I know joined to ensure that Corbyn was not re-elected. So much for Labour Democracy…

Stop being small world, little Britain and stubborn and step aside Mr. Corbyn. For the sake of Labour. For the sake of the country. Please….


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