A world without social media….

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It has been a strange week. The final week with my current employer – last week was my leaving do and the ritual handing over of my laptop and security badge as I have been on leave this week.

In the middle of this week, for some reason, my current employer disabled my email account. In many ways this was a blessing, but in others, felt like a parting with an old friend. I expect that my iPhone will die tomorrow – a final farewell.

I am not sure how I will cope with the prospect of being unconnected until I collect my new security badge, phone and laptop on Monday. Even if only for a day. Hopefully my new employer will furnish me with new technology but it is likely to involve a strange new world of French keyboards, and a French telephone number, and who knows what kind of phone….

Imagine a world without connectivity. Without social media. No email, texting, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Skype. What would become of Middle Man then? Without his blog? To paraphrase the seminal work of the philosopher, George Berkeley – if Middle Man blogs in an unconnected world, who will hear his voice?

And this is all happening at a time when I have another new badge. A badge of honour, earned this week in the Twittersphere. Someone blocked me. And it is a badge I wear with pride. A badge which, in importance, stands head and shoulders above any of my 36 Tripadvisor badges….

I assume they blocked me because they did not like my politics. Or, because they did not have the wit nor wisdom to defend their own.

I had been driven to Twitter to chastise Boris Johnson, @MayorofLondon, for his banal and frankly racist criticism of Barak Obama after the latter had waded into the Brexit debate on behalf of the stay campaign.

I merely pointed out that Obama was not the only non-EU politician to offer an opinion and that, as Americans had died in large numbers in two European Wars, that America had earned the right to express an opinion on the pros and cons of membership of the European Union – an institution, which, while flawed and in need of reform, had helped to keep the Continent relatively peaceful for the last seventy years.

And I said all if that in less than 140 characters. 🙂

Boris did not respond. Clearly I had shamed him into silence. If only….

But, one of his followers cum acolytes waded into the debate by stating that FDR (Roosevelt) had intended to let the UK fall to the Nazis and advised me to check my history – always a red rag to this bull of an Oxford Modern History graduate who specialised in British Foreign and Domestic Policy 1935 to 1939…….

She blocked my account after I referenced certain similarities between the current geopolitical situation with that immediately before the outbreak of World War Two – mass immigration (of Syrians and others displaced from war in the Middle East and Northern Africa, rather than Jews); an aggressive ideology based on righteous superiority and hatred (that of ISIS rather than Nazism); and, of belligerent and conflicting superpowers grabbing land and strategic assets at the expense of weaker neighbours (Putin’s Russia rather than Stalin’s; China instead of Germany), etc., etc.

Again, in less than 140 characters….


My nemesis did not retort. She merely blocked me. And no doubt turned to that greater wit and wisdom of that fine list of intellectual heavyweights pushing the Leave Campaign – the likes of Boris and Gove, Farage and George Galloway, Rupert Murdoch and Katie Hopkins…..and Putin.

Nuff said?

Now, I wonder what Ken Livingstone has been up to?


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What a rollercoaster…. A Brazilian anyone….

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