A green and pleasant land?

September 12, 2015 at 5:46 pm 1 comment


Today I have seen the future and it is beautiful.

A Britain where red-jacketed hunters with sleek, swift dogs thunder through the lush, green countryside atop sweat-specked steeds, horns to their lips as they pursue their sly quarry.

While others assemble to watch a more gentle sport with leather upon willow on village greens adorned with bunting, beer tents, deckchairs and with Morris dancers providing the entertainment between innings and tea.

Where hospitals gleam as bright palaces of healing, well-equipped and superbug free, with smiling staff attending their clients.

Where driverless bullet-trains dissect the nations to link metropolis with metropolis. And people live contented lives in gated-communities in affluent homes with gardens and gazebos and SUVs on the drive.


This is a time when the Cross of St George flies true and proud atop civic buildings throughout the land of England. And, the Saltire flies just as proud north of the border, in an independent Scotland.

And our military walk the streets of both fine capitals in shiny boots and crisp uniforms and the citizens smile to see them pass.

Today I have seen the future and it is grim.

Where there are no longer fields, long-since concreted over to make way for housing and runways and lines of track.

The poor, and the unemployed struggle to survive in the tall tower-blocks of crowded in long tracts of urban sprawl. The old and the young alike are begging on the streets for whatever their betters are willing to share. And vermin, drugs and sex trafficking are rife.

Where prisons gleam as bright palaces to freedom, full to the brim of the desperate and dangerous. Elsewhere and out of sight razor-wire surrounds a large concentration of camps of migrants and terrorists and the politically misguided.

And, men and women ride crowded buses to join long queues at food banks and charities dispensing aid and comfort.

This is a time when the Cross of St George flies true and proud atop civic buildings throughout the land of England.

And, our military patrol the streets to defend the people from threats of terror and from other people who riot and loot and march in protest.

And then I realised these places were the same.

This is a vision of a divided nation no longer great nor united kingdom but one where the rich have and the rest have not. Where your quality of health and housing depends on the insurance you pay and the wealth you accrue but where wealth has become the fortune of but a few and our streets are threatened by the disenfranchised and desperate both home-grown and “nurtured” as a result of policy overseas.

All this the result of decades of Tory rule. All this the result of a foolish day in which democracy was manipulated to break a once proud and strong a Labour Party, which stood as a counterweight to the worst ravages of right-wing Conservatism.

I foresee a time when Osborne and Corbyn will divide a nation like Thatcher and Scargill never could no matter how hard they tried. Where socialist extremism and left-wing lunacy made Labour unelectable once more and where Peter robs Paul and everyone survives or fails as a result of their own efforts and fortune.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Once again the people have spoken. And the people got it wrong.


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The Seagulls Are Coming! I would walk one thousand miles….

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  • 1. sooocheshire  |  September 12, 2015 at 7:10 pm

    The poor, disenfranchised and unwell thank you Labour for your ideals, but without power to protect and change the very lives you patronise with your heartfelt convictions, you have failed them

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