On a lighter note….

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C and I went for a walk yesterday in the vicinity of Audlem, taking in parts of the South Cheshire Way and the Shropshire Union Way.

The weather was kind – it was sunny without being too hot, if a little windy in sheltered parts. We were correctly attired and had everything we might need – short of alcohol – in the rucksacks on our backs.

We survived. In truth it is always a relief when these old bones of mine survive the rigours of even gentle exercise. Even the dodgy knee seems fine this morning. But, at certain points along the way it was if nature itself was trying to get at me. It was as if some of my worst horror movies had combined and I was unable to awake from the nightmare.

cornAt one point, the farmers had clearly decided that they did not want to go to the expense or trouble to maintain the public footpaths across their land and had planted maize where otherwise the path should be. The maize was tall. Six or seven feet tall in parts. And, tightly packed together. C and I were forced to push our way through without the aid of a machete (note to self: need to add to the “everything we might need” list). It was like a scene from Children of the Corn or that truly shocking Mel Gibson movie, Signs. I kept expecting to hear a little whimper behind me only to turn around and find C gone……

So, it was somewhat of a reprieve when found ourselves inthe birds the open on the towpath of the canal. Except on a couple of occasions, like a scene from Hitchcock’s The Birds, when we found ourselves beneath a clamour of fifty to a hundred or so rooks. They seemed agitated and were swooping and diving en masse – we suspect in an attempt to chase off a buzzard or two.

It was a relief that the rest of the fauna alongside the canal was a little more benign – the odd mallard, a heron, Canadian geese. At least, those animals that were visible to us. If someone had started playing the Da Dum, Da Dum music from Jaws I would have half expected to be snatched by a Great White….

I needed a pint of Shropshire Gold to steady my nerves.


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One Hundred Years…. Just b*ke right off will you…..

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