British and Proud!

December 12, 2013 at 6:20 am 3 comments

bobI love working in a multi-cultural environment. Just today I was sharing a conference room with British Brits (Brits who live in the UK), Australian Brits (Brits who have emigrated to Australia), Indians, Kiwis, and Australians of various ethnic origins. And, one American……..

And, this got me thinking about some of the cultural and language differences. For example we discovered that “how’s your father” when used in Australian (doing something dodgy), does not have the same meaning in English English – much to the embarrassment of the lady who had been using the phrase.

And, it also got me thinking about some of the things that the British do best. And as that list is endless I thought I would highlight just one or two in the hope that I could stimulate a heated debate. So, go on…..

1) Beer

Why is the rest of the world fascinated by lager? Now I like a cold one now and again in a hot climate but the gas gets to me in the end. That is why you can’t beat a good pint of bitter, or mild, or stout. A drink that truly reflects the nation that brews it – cultured, traditional, timeless, and with a sense of taste and depth.

2) Etiquette

From queuing through to urinal etiquette, most Brits put other nationalities to shame when it comes to being polite . We know which knife and fork to use and we don’t steal our neighbour’s bread roll. We pass things in the correct direction and we slope our soup bowl and spoon it away from us. We know how to enter, stand in, and exit lifts/elevators and stand to the side on escalators. We talk at an appropriate volume. We say please and thank you. And we say “sorry” when it isn’t even our fault.

3) Television

I defy anyone to find me a public service broadcaster anywhere on this planet that is better than the BBC (with the exception of Bruce Forsyth who should have been pensioned off a decade or so, and Bill Turnbull who is a smug **** – insert insult of choice).

4) Prepare for Rain

My fellow travellers mocked me when I revealed that I had brought an umbrella with me here to the Australian summer. Until it rained……

5) Bash Americans

I know, I know it’s a cheap shot given all the material we have to play with…..

6) Sarcasm and Irony

I guess it helps if you understand the meaning and the difference.

7) Self-Deprecation

Which is why I’m keeping the list short and throwing it open……


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The World Has Got Smaller Mad Dogs, Englishmen…….and the Dutch

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  • 1. sooocheshire  |  December 12, 2013 at 4:52 pm

    Ironic indeed that you include self-deprecation, Middleman 😉


  • 3. sooocheshire  |  December 14, 2013 at 9:24 pm

    No. 8 Music. However, since I have just switched over from the XFactor Live! Final! To Channel 4’s Psychopath Night, there’s not that much contemporary evidence of this Great British trait to prove it…. X



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