Ed Miliband’s Resignation Speech

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Ed Milliband MP speaking at the Labour Party c...

Ed Milliband MP speaking at the Labour Party conference. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now Ed Miliband has often been portrayed as a character from Wallace and Gromit. But, his recent speech at the (One Nation) Labour Party Conference in Brighton has had him looking more like…..well, a muppet.

I predict his days are numbered. Let’s hope his demise is quick and painless.

His “policy” of freezing energy prices for 20 months in the (unlikely) event of him being elected to power in 2015 may be popular with the average man in the street. But, it is economically unsound, politically retrospective, and reinforces the view of many of the British people that the wrong Miliband brother is at the helm of the Labour Party.

This speech may have been an attempt to show that, unlike David Cameron, “Red Ed” is in touch with the common man. But, I don’t think that we want the common man running our economy, our country, and standing up to the global threats that we undoubtedly face.

But, to be clear, I would also prefer it if David Cameron was not doing those things either.

Ed Miliband has demonstrated once again that he is as statesman-like as your average local Councillor. And, you would not want one of them running the show either. He lacks vision and awareness of the global economy in which we live. He lacks charisma. He lacks steel. And, he is seemingly bereft of any new ideas and has had to go back to the policies of the champagne socialists that nearly ruined this country and created Thatcher and all of the division and unrest that followed in her wake.

I used to be a Labour voter. A New Labour voter.

I felt a little betrayed by Tony Blair and his false premise for going to war in Iraq. But, he at least did have an ethical base to his politics and fought other “good” wars. “Just” wars. And, he demonstrated that New Labour could manage the economy and was not anti-business or anti-prosperity.

I was dumfounded and disappointed when Gordon Brown anointed himself as leader and proved that all those rumours about his bullying and lack of social awareness were true. He put himself before his Party. He did not listen to his supporters. He caused the public to lose faith in politics and politicians –  Just take a look at the “revelations” and confessions of his spin doctor, Damian McBride. Gordon Brown and Ed Balls are the archetypical playground bullies, except that they are good with numbers. Gordon Brown was a good chancellor. But, Gordon Brown was a failure as Prime Minister. And so, at the last election, when Gordon refused to stand down, I was forced to vote Lib Dem. And, nothing I have seen since is encouraging me to revert to Labour next time around.

So Ed is going to address the cost of living crisis by going after the gas and electricity companies. You will note that he has no intention of picking on the oil and petrol companies, who raise so much money for the Government in duty and who are arguably causing a much bigger drain on the pockets of the working classes.

Show me a good example of Government intervention of this type! When they tried to fix energy prices in California it led to blackouts. Even the threat of it in the UK has wiped significant value off those energy  companies likely to be impacted. It is also likely to erode their willingness to invest in this country. To invest in much-needed renewables and cleaner sources of energy. Business can choose where to invest. Where to spend its money. Where to employ its people. And, historically, they have not chosen to do so in markets where politicians interfere and attempt to manipulate the market.

If Ed has an issue with the power of the energy companies then he should look to the regulators and find ways of ensuring competition. As it is the UK retail energy prices are “average” if you look at our European competitors. Countries such as Denmark and Germany have considerably higher prices – because those countries are (rightly) investing in renewable energy. Investing in the future. Some might say they are putting the economy, and the future ahead of party politics.

And, in a policy seemingly stolen from that much more successful politician, Mr Mugabe of Zimbabwe, Ed is also threatening to seize land from property developers who “hoard” land for too long rather than building (much-needed) affordable housing.

Mr Miliband seems to think that his image needs improving. He is not wrong there! So, he has picked a (much-needed) fight with the dinosaurs in the unions. I hope he wins that battle. But, now he wants to position himself, seemingly, as the “people’s’ champion” in a battle with the industry fat cats and big business. I can see only one loser here. Actually, I can see two – Ed and the country.

Many have seen Ed’s speech as a return to 1970s socialism. Well I can remember the 70s (just) and you can keep them. I can remember the power cuts, the failures of the nationalised industries, and the Winter of Discontent.

But the reality is that Ed will not win the next election. Not with these policies. Not without a personality transplant or a frontal lobotomy. I would be surprised if he stays as leader long enough to stand. Many within his own party seem dissatisfied. The “other Miliband” may have taken a sabbatical but there are many others circling around Ed’s political corpse. Damian McBride seems to have done for Ed Balls (Gordon’s batman)……but there is still Harriet……Alexander….Burnham…..Cooper……?


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