Terrorism at the Front Door

June 23, 2013 at 11:32 am Leave a comment


No doubt that heading has caused a cyber-ear or two to prick up in GCHQ or operation Prism. And, well done by the way, to Mr Edward Snowden for revealing that hitherto unimaginable truth that the US and UK secret (misnomer) services listen in on our communications, and read our blogs (I hope the rooms in the Tower of London are more comfortable these days) and emails. I am sure that came as a big surprise to everyone!! Sic. Suddenly, I feel my freedoms of speech and expression a being eroded. I may need to start a revolution.

Thankfully I have had only brief and relatively distant brushes with terrorism in my life. And, long may it remain so. I can remember worrying about my dad when he was working late in Birmingham in 1974 on the night of the IRA pub bombings. And, he was also uncomfortably close to Harrods when the IRA bombed the store in 1983. I personally survived the IRA bombing campaigns in London during the early 1990s – although I was uncomfortably close to the Sussex pub when that blew up. I was at home during the Manchester bombing in 1996 – although I did suspect my neighbour was involved. And! thankfully I was on the ground at the time of 9/11, and was outside of London at the time of 7/7.

But, yesterday, terrorism struck all too close to our own front door. In leafy, rural Cheshire. The newly-launched website of our local village hall has been hacked. It has been hacked by “the Muslim Hackers”, DexmoD as part of their fight ( 😉 ) to “end …..the wars of the world”. No doubt this was what smarmy George Osbourne had in mind when he announced investment in our country’s cyber-security this morning on the Andrew Marr show, hosted by Sophie (sigh) Raworth.

I am sure that the Muslim Hackers will be celebrating such a devastating attack on Western Christian imperialism – the virgins must be queuing up in Jannah.


I am worried about the knock-on impact on today’s special plant sale, and the devastating effect that such an attack might have on caravan bookings. Is there no safe haven for Cheshire swingers anymore? But, I suspect that this latest attack did not cause for the Prime Minister to be woken in the early hours to call a special meeting of COBRA. And, we have not noticed men in dark suits and sunglasses in the lane……

I do feel sorry for the hard-working volunteers of the village hall committee though. This is a charitable organisation which works hard to build and support a sense of community in our rural Cheshire idyl. As petty and laughable as such a hacking attack might be – I have images of some spotty youth giggling in a messy, sweaty, pizza-strewn bedroom rather than a terrifying Al Qaeda warrior – this is a hassle and nuisance that I am sure they could have done without. Sorry guys.

So, I call upon you all to stand strong and firm against this latest wave of terrorism in our community. Let us all keep calm and carry on. Do not hide away in fear at home. Let us all go out and buy a plant today and, despite these times of austerity, put an extra pound or two in the tombola pot this afternoon.


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