Andalusian Adventures Part One

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Well, as we all know, Monopoly is a game of chance, requiring absolutely zero skill, and decided by the roll of a dice…….and, I have just been soundly trounced by my better half who was some £28.5 million better off than myself, even after I had mortgaged all of my properties.

I blame it on being tired. I am tired because we were up at 3am yesterday morning for a quick dash to Manchester airport and for a long queue at the EasyJet luggage drop, before catching our 06.10 flight to Malaga as the first leg of our Andalusian adventure.

Actually, the airport run wasn’t too bad. The people watching in the queue was quite good. There were two hen parties. It was Hollyoaks versus Brookside. One group was well dressed and sexy. The other was Scouse. One was Marbella. The other was Malaga.

Anyhow, we even had time for a quick vanilla latte and a cinnamon swirl while watching the table of lads necking pints of lager at five thirty in the morning.

The flight was on time and uneventful. The lady behind me dished out sweeties for takeoff and landing in an attempt to prevent ear popping and regaled her travelling companions with tales of the girl in her book who had just discovered a new friend which was a female goat called, Fran, which apparently is a strange name for a nanny goat. I think she was a nervous flier.

Collecting the rental car at the airport was easy and we got an upgrade to a Quashqai. And, the one and a half hour drive to Gaucin in the mountains was uneventful up until we neared our Pueblos Blancos, when a short toed eagle flew low across our path as if to announce our arrival.As we were too early to get into our villa we parked in the village and sauntered, quickly donning our fleeces as it was overcast, threatening rain, and rather chilly. But, what we saw of the village was encouraging enough with beautiful views, smells and sounds, with eagles souring above our heads. And so, after a quick once around the block, the purchase of a couple of bottles of wine (Rioja) and a not-so-overwhelming tapas, we headed down to the villa.

Stunning. The villa has views looking out over a valley with the Rock of Gibraltar rising majestically in the distance and with Tangiers beyond. The villa itself is designer chic – all split level with art and antiques collected from all over Asia and beyond by the owners, the foreign correspondents Eric Ellis and Sara Webb who live in the property when not overseas being journalists. And, as C herself said, a master bedroom befitting a rock star!

And outside we have a beautiful pool, terracotta terraces and lemon and grapefruit trees.

But, the weather is cold and showery and we did not fancy a wet walk into the village in search of food. Instead, we huddled together for warmth and decided to cook.

This was when the first signs of tiredness surfaced. I had a senior moment. I could not for the life of me figure out how to light the gas hob. And, after a frustrating twenty minutes or so, I developed a hump and decided to berate the manager who graciously jumped in his car, arrived at the villa, and showed me how easy it is to light the hob if you just press the dial in before hitting the ignite button. Duh! Doh!

But, one rather satisfying bowl of fragrant pork meatballs and a couple of bottles of vino tinto later it was off to our pop star pad for a well-deserved slumber, which was, unfortunately, disturbed by a neighbour’s dog barking its brains out for most of the night.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how I got trounced at Monopoly.

(The dog, the hob, and the weather aside, this is a little slice of Heaven and I am very happy to be here).


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