Who’s the Whore Now Wayne?

October 22, 2010 at 8:00 am 1 comment

Wayne Rooney playing for Manchester United F.C.

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How stupid and greedy is Wayne Rooney? It is almost a rhetorical question. The phrase “Doing a Rooney” should enter the language for someone who displays the pinnacle of greediness and stupidity.

The twenty-four year old Manchester United striker (an apt phrase at the moment it would seem – he would be at home with those other muppets manning the barricades on the streets of Paris in protest to the increase in pensionable age) seems to have done his utmost to destroy his marriage and his popularity in one single stroke, in pursuit of money, money, money.

Now Wayne is no oil painting. He was already clearly batting above his average when he managed to land the easy on the eye (if not on the ear), Coleen. I suspect that the relationship was strained when he, allegedly, punched Coleen in the face at the former Brasingamen’s night club in Alderley Edge. I suspect it was further strained by his use of sex worker and grandmother Patricia Tierney (then 48 to his 16 years). But, how Coleen could forgive him his latest faux pas with prostitute Jennifer Thomson, on numerous occasions, while Coleen was pregnant. Well, at least this time he got a looker……..

How naive would you have to be not to worry about the possibility that a woman who is prepared to sell her body for money – and to be fair you’d probably want to be paid for having sex with Mr Potato Head – wouldn’t consider selling her story to the tabloid press.

So, Wayne gets caught with his pants down and suffers a dip in his form (football wise that is), contributes to the debacle of England’s 2010 world cup failure, and sits out a few games on the Manchester United bench. Sir Alex Ferguson, gives him a couple of weeks off to rescue his marriage, using the excuse of an injured ankle (we now know his dip in form was probably due to Coleen kicking him in th e balls on regular occasions), and our chief muppet then denies the injury and criticises the football club that has made him a fortune and a household name.

Now I am sure that the rather dodgy agent Paul Stretford is pulling Wayne’s strings somewhat – certainly our Wayne didn’t pen the rather erudite statement as to his reasons for wanting to leave Manchester (MONEY) – but I have no sympathy for Rooney at all. I hope that Fergie makes him sit on the bench and play in the reserves for the duration of his contract. And I hope that Coleen continues to kick him in the balls…….

I think the posters at United’s last game were very apt – “Who’s the whore now Wayne?” and “Coleen forgave you. We won’t”.


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  • 1. Odul  |  November 30, 2016 at 6:25 pm

    *ugh* Nick Groff of Ghost Adventures and JonTron of the Game Grumps are just the damn same as this fucking baby. What money-grubbing, egotistical pieces of shit they are. To just abandon the very thing that made them famous in the first place?
    May all three of them BURN IN HELL.



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