America is Outraged

September 29, 2010 at 11:19 am 5 comments

Sesame Street

Sesame Street (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


America has been outraged by the above blatant bid by Sesame Street to sexualise their children and to give young Yankee females an inappropriate body image!!!!!

And, apparently, Sesame Street has listened and reacted by withdrawing the video from its programming and web sites. The video is, however, still available on YouTube. You can find it here. So, please feel free and make your mind up.

Actually, this piece of “news” and moral outrage had passed me by until I noticed a Facebook post by a colleague and friend, an American, who suggested that America might have bigger moral issues affecting children to sink their mid-western, fanatically Christian (my words not his) teeth into. I was amazed by the reaction it prompted:

  • Why do toddlers need to see a woman dressed like this?
  • Women are bombarded with impossible body images

Clearly as a non-parent I am in no position to comment – apparently one only gains true insight into the rearing of the young through experience. This suggests that there are some excellent parenting classes out there that have not made it to this side of the water, and, that the application of experience (of being a child, god parent, uncle, etc.) and common sense, count for nothing. I (foolishly) suggested that the commenters should “get over themselves” and concentrate on more important morality issues, which led to a tirade from frustrated parents (of girls) and suggestions that I should highlight the specific moral issues that they should be concentrating on………etc. etc.

I was slightly surprised about the collective ability of our friends across the pond  to concentrate on more than one issue at a time 😉 . And, I learnt a new word, “asymptotic”. Feel free to look it up, but, I guess its main meaning is to be derived from the context in which it is used……..

Now hold on a minute! This was a video on a children’s TV programme, in which a child of two pastors who has a Christian education; a seemingly intelligent, chirpy, humorous and attractive pop star, Katy Perry, sang a duet with Elmo, a naked, ginger furred puppet off Sesame Street. The duet was a cover of her “hit” song, Hot N Cold, which includes reference to the singer wearing her “dress up clothes”. It is, superficially at least a song about wanting to play together. I am sure that any sexual inferences are beyond the ken of the target audience of toddlers…….but not their parents, clearly. She does have a nice smile…….and great legs 😉 .elmo

And in any case, she is not under-dressed. She is not flashing her breasts. She is not flashing her underwear. She is not being sexually provocative in any way. But oh my God, she has bare shoulders!! America must make a stand on “appropriate clothing” – apparently it falls somewhere between the type of summer dress worn by Katy Perry and the full burqa that offends so many western women.

Now, also be aware that children’s tv has long had a policy of using attractive young women to present their shows – just do a web search on “Konnie Huq” or read this earlier post. The strategy is clearly to attract the fathers who will then encourage their children to watch with them. This is a win win situation – daddy spends more time with his children and the children spend more time watching and gaining the educational benefits from programmes such as Sesame Street. It is only not a win win situation if the father undertakes an inappropriate activity such as masturbation. Now let me be clear about this – I do NOT condone masturbation in front of the children.


I suspect that certain/all of the reactions may say more about the parents’ discomfort with their own bodies or the wife’s reaction to her spouse’s sudden interest in children’s TV.

But, is this really the kind of ” immoral” behaviour that we should be venting our collective spleens over? Should Sesame Street really be the arbiter of what constitutes inappropriate dress? Bear in mind that this was the same people that gave us Miss Piggy. Now she IS a babe!

 And, she consistently showed significantly more cleavage than Miss Perry did.

So come on America, where is your sense of perspective. I do not think that Katy Perry is the straw that will break your moral hump………you should be much more afraid of her fiance, Russel Brand.  😉



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5 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Artswebshow  |  September 29, 2010 at 3:47 pm

    i understand parents concern.
    But it’s not that bad in my opinion


    • 2. Joy  |  September 29, 2010 at 10:01 pm

      Just what does “that bad” mean. This is a show for toddlers. It shouldn’t be “bad” at all. For older kids or tweens it’s fine but I applaud SS for sticking to their guns and letting kids be kids for a little bit longer.

      I hardly think Miss Piggy is anywhere near the same thing and a real woman running around half naked.


      • 3. Middle Man  |  September 30, 2010 at 7:00 am

        I think you’ll find that the SS bowed to parental dollars rather than choosing to “stick to their guns”. Indeed, their own spokespeople stated that they didn’t see what was in the video that could cause offense.

        Kids will be kids longer if parents don’t force their own ridiculous moral shackles upon them……


  • 4. Anonymous  |  October 2, 2010 at 8:03 pm

    I must agree and say that kids really wouldn’t have a clue about it, they’d be focused on the fun musical duet, not the fact that Katy Perry has breasts. I think that people are forgetting that toddlers don’t really have a sexual awareness like their parents do. Hate to say it, but kids are exposed to much more harmful images on a daily basis. On a scale of 1 to harmful, I give Katy’s breasts a 1.


  • 5. Anonymous  |  October 14, 2010 at 2:16 pm

    I as a parent have no problem letting my daughter see this video. There isn’t anything showing that i think is inapprpriate.



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