Sting in the Tale

June 19, 2008 at 8:38 am 4 comments

It’s a pun. If not very punny…..

And, admit it….hands up if you found this site by searching on “Kylie naked” or variants thereof.

On Tuesday evening this week I took C to see The Police in concert at the Manchester Evening News Arena. This would not have been my first choice for a concert, but it was a birthday wish for C, a life long Police fan who had, unfortunately, managed to avoid seeing them live in their hay days of the 70s and 80s. And she fancies Sting. She fancies Sting big time.

As it happens, the concert was 8 months late. It had been postponed on the original date because Sting had a sore throat. Bless. This added to my general dislike of the guy, putting him firmly in the camp of wuss/big girl’s blouse. This, being just one of the labels that I have tagged onto Mr Gordon Sumner – “Destroyer of the Planet” (we could not visit the amphitheatre at Ephesus in Turkey because it had been deemed unsafe due to the cracks allegedly caused by the Sting concert there, ironically as part of his “Save the Planet Tour” with that indian guy with the big lips) and “Pillock”, for being oh so up himself with his bloody medieval lute playing palaver……

 Actually, I think I just dislike the guy because C (and millions of other fanciable women who should only have eyes for yours truly) fancies him. Indeed, we have a clause in our wedding contract that allows C to leave me, with no hard feelings, (and no alimony) should she and Sting get it together. We have tickets. So Tuesday was quite a high risk event for me personally. I have a reciprocal clause, however, which allows me to leave in the much more likely event that I get it on with Kylie Minogue. Sex on a stick. And, I have come so close already. Well, I almost got her telephone number. Almost….. 

It was beginning to feel like fate was about to deal a strange card when I noticed that the sex kitten herself was coming to the MEN in July. I hadn’t booked tickets (her vocal capabilities are not exactly what attracts me to her) but I did think that it would be a useful fall back position should the evening not go so well and I was forced to leave C with the Sting.


And so, we set off for Manchester fairly early in order to secure a parking place at the venue. Sat Nav delivered us to the very (barriered) steps of the Arena, and I then had to resort to “the Force” (it was not with me) and the scarce brown tourist signs to find the entrance to the car park. Unfortunately this meant that we were some 10 minutes or so later and we ended up on the 7th floor.

After a quick cigarette outside – I think C was just “hanging” in case Sting walked past – we joined the queue and soon found ourselves on the inside. C went to the loo while I ordered two pints of watered lager in plastic glasses. Consumption of the lager prompted a second toilet visit for C before we took our seats (which were excellent) and waited for the support act. We waited and we waited and we waited.

They were 45 minutes late.

But, the delay did not cause our spirits to flag. We people watched. We actually felt very young and fashionable compared with our fellow concert goers, many of whom were stuck in 1979 or so. We also wondered why so many people felt it necessary to wear sunglasses indoors. If nothing else, it must be a health and safety issue on the steep stairs. We also mocked the rather too many people who were picking up leaflets for the 50th Anniversary Cliff Richard Time Machine Tour. Well, at least when he’s in Manchester he is not troubling small boys in South Africa 😉

We were pleased to note that the support act was not in fact Sting’s son’s band as it had been scheduled to be back in October. The support group was very good. While I did, tentatively, identify them as Starsailor, it was clear that their identity was lost on most of the middle-agers in the. At least my “hip” and “cool” credentials were intact. I am positively “down” with them “man”.

And, I have to say that The Police were, well, awesome. Sting is a much better vocalist than I had imagined…..and looks far too good for his age, the git. Actually, I have to say that he seems to have gone for a very striking bearded look not unlike my own! If you forgive his sweaty armpits and the rather too many twiddly guitar solos from Andy Summers, it was very, very good indeed.

After several encores we left rather later than expected. As all the eateries were closed, we returned to the car and joined the long queue to exit the car park It took about 45 minutes or so and by the time we exited the Sat Nav was very, very confused…..

Sorry Kylie, maybe next time.

Post Script: Click here to find out how our attempts at sex with Sting and Kylie have progressed.


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I Can’t Afford It! Travel Is Fun

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  • 1. epicurienne  |  June 22, 2008 at 1:23 am

    Hi Middle Man,

    great post! It made me think of how long I’ve had a crush on Tom Selleck… I think I was about 9 years old when I first fell for him in his Magnum P.I. days. (I’m now closer to 40 than 30, so it’s been a while)
    No one else has ever worn a moustache so well in my view. How embarrassing is that?

    So you and C are not the only ones…

    Warm wishes,



  • 2. thedailycommuter  |  June 24, 2008 at 3:56 am

    Sting. I am almost 32 and I used to be such a Sting fan! I started to like him in high school when The Soul Cages came out and I caught him on SNL (Saturday Night Live). I recall that one guy I had a particular crush on made fun of Sting because I revealed that I liked him so very much! I also recall that an ex-boyfriend became furiously jealous when I gasped so very loudly when I saw an ad for Sting in the NY Times about a concert of his. He grabbed the paper out of my hands and smashed it up to a gray paper ball. As the years passed and I have matured, I no longer feel for Sting as I did when I was a teeny-bop, and I am fine with that.

    Funny that I should click upon your blog from mine and read about your Sting thing. I started a new job today and found out that one of the projects I will be working on is in the same building Sting lives in. When I told my current boyfriend about it, he called him a “has-been” and I agreed.


  • 3. wildkitty  |  July 27, 2008 at 1:24 am

    I liked him till I saw him nearly nude in Dune and saw how anorexic looking he truly is. Gimme a teddy bear guy, please.


  • 4. xcarpathia  |  August 6, 2008 at 10:14 am

    Well thank god im asian so i already made past the horrendous THE POLICE era….come on….isnt it time to let sting retire somewhere? his records are awful and i still cant bloody comprehend whats everyone fussing about….



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