Who Am I? Part 2

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 Who Am I? Part 2 


Actually, I am quite pleased to have discovered that I am an ESTP. Extrovert, Sensing, Thinking and Perceiving (see previous entry: Who Am I? Part 1). It was quite a relief. It was quite reassuring. It kind of reminded me who I am. Who I am on the inside. Who I really am. And, who I need to be on the outside too. The rediscovery of myself helped to explain why I have been less than entirely happy at work recently. For, being ESTP also makes me a square peg in a round hole in my current job. And the master of understatement.

The company that I work for has recently asked me to become a project manager, driving global process, product and infrastructure standardisation initiatives. And, to be frank, it just ain’t me. Don’t get me wrong, I can do it. I have done it. But, it does not come naturally. And, I do not really enjoy doing it that much. It pays pretty well though. To do this job you need to be good at planning, at detail, and interested in enforcing the rules. You need to be a political animal who is turned on by templates, blueprints, stagegates, rules, and doing everything the same way, everywhere. And, I am not.

As an ESTP, I am more of an entrepreneur. I am good in a crisis. I like to take risks. I like variety. I like to roll my sleeves up and get involved. I am pragmatic and practical. I also do not take kindly to too much direction and doing as I am told. I like plain speaking. I like to be autonomous and able to set my own agenda.

ESTPs tend to work least well with people who complain all the time; take themselves too seriously; or, who discuss ideas to death without ever taking a decision and actually doing anything. Well, maybe not every multi-national oil giant is the same, but the one that I work with is full of people like that. I am irritated by rules and regulations; routine; corporate bullshit; and, people who do not take responsibility for themselves. I do not fit in anymore. If I ever did. And, if you bear in mind that I have worked for the same company now for nearly twenty years, I guess it is time I considered a change.

I recognise that I am not perfect though. As an ESTP I am prone to look for a crisis where there isn’t one and am often sarcastic. And, when stressed, I can become withdrawn and moody. Abrupt. Snappy. Grrrr. I can also irritate others by being abrupt, and telling them to pull themselves together. If I have done that to any of you, well, sorry. I can recommend a very good counsellor though.

I guess you might be wondering why the sudden urge for self-enlightenment. Well, I am being made redundant. I am being made redundant after twenty years. The wonderful global project that I was asked to lead did not go ahead. It was my own fault really because I was one of the ones who recommended it did not go ahead. I just thought that the company could invest the $40 million better elsewhere. They quite gratefully accepted my recommendation, and, are now making me redundant as a consequence.

Actually, I am quite pleased. Sure I am worried a little bit about getting another job. I am worried about money. But me and the old company have been drifting apart for quite some time now. This is exactly the kind of kick up the arse I needed to get myself motivated to change. So, that is what I intend to do. And, part of the process is to understand the kind of environment that I prefer to work in; the type of people that I prefer working with; the kind of role that best suits my personality. And, that is where the psychometric test came in. It is actually part of the process offered by the outplacement service that the company has kindly given me access to.

So, now I know who I am, I can better focus on the type of job that would suit me. According to the manual that the outplacement consultant has given me, the most attractive occupations for people like me include law enforcement, general management, farming, or, working in a factory. Maybe I could enforce the law in a battery hen farm. Hmmm. Any of you who know me got any ideas or suggestions?

Gizza job!




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